Eagle Street North, LLC.

Are You Tired OF:


Property management Co.
  • We will find new tenants for you
  • Run Credit checks
  • Run Background Checks
  • Do an initial walk through with pictures to document the condition of the home
  • We work with several teams of licensed repair contractors and handymen to fix problems as they arise
  • One of Our Owners is a Licensed Realtor
  • One of our Owners is a Register Agent for properties in surrounding towns that require that

Over twenty years of passionate commitment to helping property owners find great tenants and maximize their investment dollars. Steve Malik is a Licensed Realtor, he has been helping people find their dream home for over 25 years. Ranked in the top 1% of Realtors in the country, he knows the market and will put his experience to work for you. Jo Malik, has been managing residential real estate for over 20 years, she knows a great tenant when she meets one, and will do everything to get and keep them in your home.

Eagle Street North. LLC has a team of Full Time property professionals at your disposal.

  • Frantic Phone Calls in the Middle of the Night
  • Lame Excuses why the rent is late, again
  • Paying for a Vacant home, while you search for the Right Tenant
  • Applicants that aren't who they say they are
  • Dealing with Municipalities with Rental Clauses, Addendums, and New Laws 
  • Trying to find and coordinate Reliable Repair Contractors
  • CALL US - We'll do it for you!

WHAT WE DO for you